Fachgruppe EMISA der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

Jahrgang 37, Heft 1, November 2017

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  1. Editorial
  2. EMISA 2017
    1. Bericht zum 37. EMISA-Fachgruppentreffen - 8th International Workshop on Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures (EMISA 2017)
  3. Call For Papers
    1. Call for Contributions - 9th International Workshop on Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures (EMISA’18)
    2. Call for Contributions - 30th International Conference on Advanced Information Systemn Engineering (CAISE'18)
  4. Für Sie gesurft – Neue (und alte) Tipps aus dem WWW
  5. EMISA Proceedings


    1. Process-Driven Mobile Data Collection

      Johannes Schobel, Rüdiger Pryss, Marc Schickler and Manfred Reichert

    2. Model Based IS Life Cycle management -- the Case of a Defence Acquisition ERP system

      Tomas Jonsson and Håkan Enquist

    3. Detection and Quantification of Flow Consistency in Business Process Models

      Andrea Burattin, Vered Bernstein, Manuel Neurauter, Pnina Soffer and Barbara Weber

    4. Resolving Inconsistencies and Redundancies in Declarative Process Models

      Claudio Di Ciccio, Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Marco Montali and Jan Mendling

    5. A Framework for Visually Monitoring Business Process Compliance

      David Knuplesch, Manfred Reichert and Akhil Kumar

    6. An Artifact-Based Framework for Business-IT Misalignment Symptom Detection

      Dora Ori

    7. An experiment on an ontology-based support approach for process modeling

      Jonas B. Gassen, Jan Mendling, Amel Bouzeghoub, Lucinéia Heloisa Thom and José Palazzo M. de Oliveira

    8. Process- and Resource-Aware Information Systems

      Cristina Cabanillas

    9. From Low-Level Events to Activities - A Pattern-Based Approach

      Felix Mannhardt, Massimiliano de Leoni, Hajo A. Reijers, Wil M. P. van der Aalst, and Pieter J. Toussaint

    10. How visual cognition influences process model comprehension

      Razvan Petrusel, Jan Mendling and Hajo A. Reijers

    11. Batch Processing across multiple Business Process based on Object Life Cycle

      Luise Pufahl and Mathias Weske

    12. Semantics and Analysis of DMN Decision Tables

      Diego Calvanese, Marlon Dumas, Ülari Laurson, Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Marco Montali, and Irene Teinemaa



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