Fachgruppe EMISA der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

Jahrgang 38, Heft 1, Dezember 2018

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Komplettes Heft

  1. Editorial 
  2. EMISA 2018
    1. Bericht zum 38. EMISA-Fachgruppentreffen - 9th International Workshop on Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures (EMISA 2018)
  3. Call For Papers
    1. Call for Contributions - 10th International Workshop on Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures (EMISA’19)
    2. Call for Contributions -17th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM’19)
    3. Call for Contributions - 11th Central European Workshop on Services and their Composition (ZEUS’19)
  4. Aufruf zur Teilnahme

    1. Qualitativer Vergleich von Pflegeprozessen für Unternehmensarchitekturmodelle

  5. EMISA Proceedings 
    1. Towards Cognitive Assisted Living 3.0

      Claudia Steinberger and Judith Michael

    2. Towards a Method for Designing IT Self-Services from an IT Operations perspective

      Florian Baer, Kurt Sandkuhl and Michael Leyer

    3. Semantic Consistency – Through Seamless Modelling and Execution Support (Extended Abstract)

      Tomas Jonsson and Håkan Enquist


    4. Blockchains for Business Process Management - Challenges and Opportunities (Extended Abstract)

      Jan Mendling and Ingo Weber 

    5. What we know and what we do not know about DMN (Extended Abstract)

      Kathrin Figl, Jan Mendling, Gül Tokdemir and Jan Vanthienen 

    6. An Empirical Review of the Connection between Model Viewer Characteristics and the Comprehension of Conceptual Process Models (Extended Abstract)

      Jan Mendling, Jan Recker, Hajo A. Reijers and Henrik Leopold 

    7. Dynamic Skipping and Blocking and Dead Path Elimination for Cyclic Workflows (Extended Abstract)

      Dirk Fahland and Hagen Voelzer

    8. Timm Towards a Quality Framework for Enterprise Architecture Models

      Simon Hacks and Felix

    9. The Concept of Knowledge Blockchains in Enterprise Modeling

      Hans-Georg Fill and Felix Härer 

    10. Towards Tool-supported Reflection of Sustainability in Business Models

      Thorsten Schoormann, Ralf Knackstedt 

    11. A Flexible Event Handling Model for Using Events in Business Processes

      Sankalita Mandal 

    12. Smart Self-Management for Better Working

      Fabienne Lambusch 

    13. Patterns of Stability and Change in Business Processes

      Bastian Wurm 

    14. About the Selection of a Business Process Improvement Methodology

      Steven Gross 

    15. The Role of Process Representations in Business Process Redesign Projects

      Isaac da Silva Torres 

    16. Batching vs. Non-batching in Business Processes

      Luise Pufahl, Niels Martin 

    17. Relaxing Modeling Criteria to Produce Genuinely Flexible, Controllable, and Usable Enterprise Modeling Methods

      Dominik Bork, Steven Alter 

    18. Same Same But Different – Federating Enterprise Modelling for the Digitalized and Data-driven Enterprise

      Robert Winter, Michael Blaschke 

    19. A Model Centered Perspective on Software-Intensive Systems

      Heinrich C. Mayr, Judith Michael, Vladimir A. Shekhovtsov, Suneth Ranasinghe, Claudia Steinberger 

    20. Cloud Service Billing and Service Level Agreement Monitoring based on Blockchain

      Nils Neidhardt, Carsten Köhler, Markus Nüttgens 

    21. Empirical Insights into the Appraisal of Tool Support for Participative Enterprise Modeling

      Anne Gutschmidt 

    22. Model-Based Generation of Enterprise Information Systems

      Kai Adam, Lukas Netz, Simon Varga, Judith Michael, Bernhard Rumpe, Patricia Heuser, Peter Letmathe 

    23. Dealing with Artifact-Centric Systems: a Process Mining Approach

      Guangming Li, Renata Medeiros de Carvalho 

    24. Design and Development of a Process Modelling Environment for Business Process Utilization within Smart Glasses

      Jannis Vogel, Sven Jannaber, Benedikt Zobel, Oliver Thomas 

    25. Towards Practical Applicability of Service Engineering: A Literature Review as Starting Point for SE Method Design

      Simon Hagen, Sven Jannaber, Oliver Thomas 

    26. Clustering Event Logs based on Behavioral Similarity

      Agnes Koschmider 

    27. Towards a Modular Reference Architecture for Smart Glasses-based Systems in the Logistics Domain

      Benedikt Zobel, Lisa Berkemeier, Sebastian Werning, Jannis Vogel, Ingmar Ickerott, Oliver Thomas 


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